Slab Support

We offer a few different repairs to concrete slabs whether its sinking/ cracked/ or in need of replacement. Sinking slabs are common in this area due to the clay we have around the homes. This clay is very tough to compact when dry and even tougher when wet. Eventually some slabs may settle creating trip hazards. To lift a settled slab we use pressurized grout to fill voids and lift slabs back up. We choose to use grout over a polymer for a few reasons. One being that you can’t dispose of the polymer at a landfill if you ever need to replace the slab. It is more expensive than grout and sometimes not readily available.

To stabilize cracks in slabs or control joints that move after cured, we can install carbon staples along the length of the slab. The staples are epoxied into the slab perpendicular to the crack at 12-16” on center.

We are a full service concrete contractor so we offer full replacement of slabs and are typically below market cost. Being in the foundation industry and building many homes, we take steps to ensure proper site prep is done before replacement. A layer of stone should be placed below slabs before pouring. This creates some drainage and some flexibility between the clay and the concrete to reduce cracking.