Floor Joist Repair

For homeowners who have noticed squeaky or uneven floors, floor joist repair is most likely needed in your home. When the parallel wooden supports under your floor are exposed to water or moisture, they lose their ability to solidly support the flooring above. We can restore the stability of your flooring through floor joist repair.

Losing structural support due to rotted or damaged floor joists is not uncommon in homes that are suffering from foundation issues. Floor joist repair is often a part of our services to ensure a complete repair and restoration of the structural integrity of your home. You can trust Cornerstone to find and address the need for floor joist repair so your flooring does not let you down.

Rotten Wood Replacement

When wood sills, floor joists, and other building materials that maintain the structural integrity of a home are exposed to moisture, wood rot often follows. Rotten wood leads to all kinds of issues from sagging floors to breathing unhealthy air in your home. Not only does the wood lose its ability to support parts of your home adequately, but it also leads to growth of mold and mildew that enters your HVAC system.

Cornerstone features expert pros with the necessary equipment to locate and replace rotten wood anywhere foundation damage may have left it exposed to the elements. Replacing rotten wood restores the structure necessary to maintain a healthy and bolstered home.


Cornerstone can handle any engineered design that you can bring us. Typical floor support is done by installing a combination of CMU piers and drop girders. We can repair most rotten wood issues and if there is something we don’t feel comfortable with we can offer a list of reputable repair contractors.