What are signs of foundation or drainage issues?

Cracks around doors and windows. Cracks in concrete slabs or brick walls. A hump or a dip in a floor. Doors working and not working during the year. Mold or mildew smells throughout the home. Cupping hardwood floors.

How do you fix these issues?

  1. Exterior settlement issues can be repaired with helical piles or pressurized grout.
  2. Interior floor/wall settlement issues can be repaired with new CMU or steel piers, additional girders, or floor joists.
  3. Moisture problems can be repaired with French drains, encapsulated crawlspaces, and below-grade waterproofing.

Will my lawn and landscaping be damaged?

Cornerstone takes the best steps to preserve the grounds and landscaping but sometimes bushes need to be removed to install a pile in the correct location. Heavy rubber ground protection mats will be used to avoid turf or flatwork damage when applicable. Some more established root systems will die from shock depending on the time of year the repair takes place.

How will the repairs effect the value of my home?

If the repairs are not done, the home will continue to deteriorate to the point where it cant be repaired. Every season cycle that a damaged footing is left alone the foundation walls actually rotate in/out which cant be repaired without replacement. An experienced real estate agent will be able to answer any potential questions prior to the repair becoming an issue.

When the home is repaired by Cornerstone it will typically carry a full transferrable life of structure warranty which should be seen as a plus. Most homes will experience a failure at some point so having yours repaired will save the buyer money in the long run.

How long will the repair take? Can you work around crazy schedules?

The typical 3-6 pile job will last 1-2 days. The typical drainage job will last 2 days for a crawlspace and 4-5 days for a basement. Any jobs with footings will require 2 partial days for inspections and set up time then another 1-2 days to complete the repair. We do as much commercial work as we do residential. Many jobs are in the medical industry which sometimes require certain quiet times and odd work hours. We do our best to accommodate the schedules of the client.

Can you handle items on an inspection report for realtors and homeowners?

Absolutely. We are licensed realtors so we can make appointments through the call center to save time and extra trips. Being realtors we know how to keep deals alive and how to communicate with buyers/sellers to ease nerves.