Bowing Basement Wall Repairs

Bowing basement walls are typically the result of poor drainage more so than poor construction. The drainage should always be fixed prior to any repair as these repairs will not stop the water from deteriorating the block itself. There are 3 ways that Cornerstone can repair a bowing wall.

The first being a helical tieback system. This is where a hole is cut in the wall and a helical pile is driven through the wall and into some good soil. A plate is then put on the inside of the wall and held in place with a threaded rod and a nut.

The second repair method is using carbon fiber wall straps to hold the wall in place. The basement wall is anchored to the flooring above and the slab below then a 5” wide carbon or Kevlar strap is epoxied to the wall. The only way a basement wall can continue to bow is by stretching the carbon which can’t happen. This is a great solution if the bow is caught early and there isn’t too much deflection in the wall. The straps only sit about 3/8” off the wall so you can finish the space and not lose square footage.