Friday, January 28, 2022 - 19:25


Residential Foundation Repairs

A home is almost always someone’s most expensive investment so preserving its value should be high on the priority list. To properly stabilize a sinking home, a helical pile or driven pile repair plan can be used.  Helical piles or deep driven steel piers are typically placed 6-8ft on center under a home’s footing to stabilize the home using the footing as a grade beam. The capacity of a pile doesn’t typically determine spacing as much as the condition of the footing. A licensed structural engineer will be able to determine the proper spacing for the piles.

Cornerstone carries MacLean-Dixie helical piles which do carry the ICC rating. The ICC sets the standard in the construction industry and is involved in writing the building code. In regards to foundation repair standards, a criteria known as AC358 was created as the acceptance criteria for helical piles. See the link below for information on the ICC process and approvals for MacLean-Dixie

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